Our Publishers

Here are our sources for French books and magazines.

Scholastic Canada

We order books directly from Scholastic Canada, using their monthly “Club de Lecture” selection (http://www.scholastic.ca/clubs/lecture/).

Bayard Presse

Bayard Presse is one of the oldest press and publishing companies of France, being founded in 1870. The company has various media outlets both in its native France and abroad. As of 2019, it reports approximately two thousand employees, two hundred magazines with five million subscribers, and eight million annual book sales.

We have selected several magazines from the Bayard Presse offering. We will place a bulk order to Bayard Presse in June. The first issues of the magazines will be delivered for back-to-school in August. Magazine issues will be sent to the school, and delivered to each student directly in their classroom.

Here is the site for Bayard Presse (in French only, alas): https://www.bayard-jeunesse.com/

Ecole Des Loisirs

Ecole des Loisirs is a French publisher. Here is their website: https://www.ecoledesloisirs.fr/

They have created a series of book club programs under the brandname “Ecole des Max”, each adapted to a specific age range. Subscribers to a book club receive one book each month from November through June (8 books total). Here is more information on Ecole des Max (in English!): https://www.ecoledesmax.com/en-version.php

We will place a bulk subscription order for all the Ecole Des Max orders. The first books will arrive in November, we will deliver them to students in their classrooms. We will repeat that for each monthly book through June.

Lire C’est Partir

A French non-profit publisher with very inexpensive books for all ages. Their site is all in French, and shipping can be expensive, so we added some of their books to our store. All their titles are 0.80 euro, but we charge $2.00 each, to cover shipping, international transaction fees, and conversion rates. For more titles, here is the link https://www.lirecestpartir.fr/

And finally

We have opened comments on this page (see at the bottom). Feel free to suggest resources that have worked for your family and any tips you’d like to share with the AL community. Please stick to the topic of resources for French learners!

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